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Vegan and organic cuisine.

Creating fusions and contaminations between ethnic dishes and reinterpretations of local specialties since 2017.
From appetizers to desserts, all of our production does not contain any type of animal derivative:

this is because we respect the existence of all living beings.

Who we are

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In Italy it is easy to eat good; this is a little bit more difficult in Venice , where junk-food predominates. Instead it is much more difficult, in Venice and everywhere  to eat the good, to eat  without exploiting and killing  non-human animals (what is commonly called "veganism"). Finally, it is nearly impossible to find a sort of spatial and temporal bubble, a fragment of the liberated world teleported in to the present, in which one can live, exist and relate - and not only eat - in an anti-speciesist way. A miracle you would say. Yes, a miracle , but a miracle which occurs every day at the restaurant  La Tecia Vegana located in Santa Marta Venice. Then again it is not by chance that Martha was the sister of Lazarus, a man who was able to free himself miraculously from the cultere of death.

Massimo Filippi, antispeciesist theorist


After years of work in the field  in artistic decoration and green building, I have undertaken a new challenge in catering.  Today I am happily resident in Venice, and the La Tecia Vegana restaurant has been well received in the Santa Marta area by residents and tourists, becoming in a few years an international point of reference for vegans arriving in city.
Cinzia, owner of La Tecia Vegana

Our cuisine

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